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This blog is set up for the cap making community of ladies at the San Francisco International Airport. The caps are for chemo patients and are donated to a local hospital. The hand made caps (knitted or crocheted) are a token of our prayers and well wishes for the recipient.

Monday, October 02, 2006


Here are some of the popular sites with cap patterns. If you'd like to share patterns, please feel free to do so either through the comments here or by sending them to one of the moderators.

Don't forget internet access is filtered at work, so if you see a pattern on a filtered site, please copy and paste rather than just sharing the link. Need help with that, let me know.

I will keep adding to this list as I come across more. (Last updated 3/13/2008)

Sites with links to hat patterns (listed alphabetically):

Bev's Country Cottage

Chemo Caps

Crochet Pattern Central

Head Huggers


Knitting Help

Knitting On The Net (Barbara Breiter's site)

Knitting Pattern Central

Embellishments for caps:

Knitting and Crocheting ezines:

Miscellaneous hat patterns:

3AM Blue Cable Hat

76 Stitches Hat

Amber Hat

Amelia Hat

Andohalambo Hat

Anna's Angel (baby) Hat

Aran Toque

Argyle Cap

Asherton Hat (adult)

Asherton Hat (toddler)

A Touch of Whimsy Hat

Autumn Leaves Hat

Baby Cable Ribbed Hat

Beaufort Hat (PDF file)

Black Sea Hat (Grumperina)

Bobble Edged Hat

Brain Storm Hat

Brimster Beanie

Button Band Hat

Button Cap, similar to NY hat (PDF file)

Cabled Chemo Hat

Cabled Hat with lined brim - PDF file

Cabled Rangoli Hat - PDF file

Cabled Wide Brim Hat

Cap Karma Hat

Cape Ann Gansey Gauge Hat

Caryll McConnell's Patchwork Qiviut

Caryll McConnell's Spiral Rib Qiviut

Cascade Hat

Cashmere Ribbed Hat

Center Square Hat

Checker Bodecker Hat (crochet)

Checkered Band Hat

Chemo Hat & Matching Scarf

Cherry Blossom Beanie

Chessboard Hat

Cheyenne Hat (crochet)

Chunky Ribbed Hat

Claire Hat

Claudia Hat

Cloche du Bois

Cloud on Her Head Chemo Hat

Crochet Cap Patterns

Crochet Toque

Crossed Bucket Hat (crochet)

Cupcake (kids) Hat

Dayflower Hat

Do-It-Yourself Peasant Cap

Drops Designs Crochet Hat〈=en

Drops Designs Crochet Hat with Scallop Edge〈=en

Eastwoodly Hat (crochet)

Elizabeth Bonnett

Esprit Chemo Turban

Esther Williams Hat (scroll down to Nov 17, 2005 entry)

Fair Isle Hat

Fair Isle Tam

Fake Isle Hat

Fall '05 Anthropology Cloche Knockoff

Family Rolled Brim Hat (Sarah Bradberry designed)

Family Watch Cap (Sarah Bradberry designed)

Flapper Cloche

Flirty Ruffled Hat (crochet)

Floppy Brim Hat

Flower Pot Sun Hat

Fluted Cap with Leaves Motif

Foliage Hat

Garmisch Hat - PDF file

G8 Mother & Daughter Hat

Ginny Goblet of Fire inspired hat

Glaistig Hat

Grace Beanie (heart shaped yarn over pattern) - PDF file

Half Dome (mens) Hat

Happy Hat - PDF file

Harlequin Hat

Hex Hat (crochet) - PDF file

Hex Hat (knit)

Iceland & Squiggle Felted Hat with Brim

Jimmy's Bulky Beanie

Julia Roberts Hat

Just Like A Peasant Cap - PDF file

Karlchen Top Down Hat - PDF file

KnitPicks Chemo Hat

Knitty's Breast Cancer Awareness issue (Shedir Chemo Cap & more!)

Knut (baby) Hat (Sarah Bradberry designed)

Lace Edged Hat

Lady's & Girl's Fairisle Hat

Lady's Entrelac Hat

Lamb's Pride Infant & Kids Hat

Lavender Hat

Le Slouch - PDF file

Lily Chin's Easter Bonnet (crochet) - PDF file

Lion Brand Chemo Cap

Lion Brand Cheery Chemo Cap

Lion Brand Chunky Watch Cap

Live Dangerously, Don't Swatch Hat - PDF file

Lizard Ridge Hat

Lorraine Major's Angel Lace Baby Cap

Louey Hat - PDF file

Maddy's Bluebell Hat

Marnie MacLean Carlsbad (mens) Hat

Marnie MacLean Fun Flapper Hat

Marnie MacLean His Hat

Marnie MacLean Nautilus Hat

Marnie MacLean Pismo (mens) Hat

Marsan Watch Cap

Mirelle Hat - PDF file

Mobius Hat

Mock Cable Baby Hat

Montague Hat

Moriarty Hat

Moss Stitch Beret

Mushroom Cap (crochet)

New York Hat

Nezumi Hat

Noro Hat

Noro Ribbed Beanie - PDF file

Nubby Brim Cloche

Oblique Hat

Odessa Hat (Grumperina designed)

One Ball Really Easy Instant Chemo Cap

Paneled Pigtail Hat

Passerby Hat

Petal Baby Hat

Pi Topper Chemo Cap

Pinch Hat

Pink Ribbon Hat

Pinwheel Hat

Pistachio Hat (crochet) - PDF file

Pro-Bono Hat - PDF file

Pumpkin Hat

Pythagorean Hat

Quinquevulnera Mindless Knitting Hat

Republic Cap (button hat) - download PDF file from here by clicking the download button in the box on the right and then saving the file.

Ridge Bi-Color Hat - PDF file

Robin's Egg Blue Hat

Roll Brim Hat

Ruffle Edge Baby Hat

Santa Cruz Hat

Seaman's Cap

Seed Stitch Rib Hat for Children

Shakespeare Hat - PDF file

Silk Garden Beanie

Simple Fair Isle Hat

Ski Hat

Skye Hat

Spring Brim Hat - PDF file

Striped Chemotherapy Cap

Striped Hat Pattern

Striped Slip Stitch Hat

Sun Visor Cap

Super Simple Hat (crochet)

Suri Merino Hat Pattern for Breast Cancer Awareness

Susan Pierce Lawrence's Amber Hat

Swirl Hat

The Amazing Hat (crochet)

The Binary Hat

The Blanche Hat

The Inga Hat - PDF file

The London Beanie

Thermal Stitch Hat (crochet)

Topi Cadet Hat

Tri-Color Cloche (crochet)

Tri-Corner Hat

Twiggy Bobble Hat

Twisted Rib Watch Cap

Two Cable Bulky Hat

Tychus Hat

Utopia Hat

Waffle hat

Waffle Stitch Hat (crochet)

Waffle Stitch Hat (crochet)

Wavy Cable Lace Cap

Wheat Braid Hat - PDF file


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