Cap Karma

This blog is set up for the cap making community of ladies at the San Francisco International Airport. The caps are for chemo patients and are donated to a local hospital. The hand made caps (knitted or crocheted) are a token of our prayers and well wishes for the recipient.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Smariek and I went to the San Carlos Art and Wine festival on Saturday - we saw quite a number of booths selling crocheted and knitted items but one in particular selling crocheted hats. I remember this booth more than others for two reasons, all the hats were very well crocheted AND they were all made by the booth owner - a man. He offered a large selection of hats - great color combinations and yarns. I made a point to grab a business card to share with you all.

I had thought his company was called Tobi - I wasn't really paying careful attention to that - but looking at his business card, I see that it's called Topi - a word that means hat in indian/hindi.

Anyhows, here is his website:


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