Cap Karma

This blog is set up for the cap making community of ladies at the San Francisco International Airport. The caps are for chemo patients and are donated to a local hospital. The hand made caps (knitted or crocheted) are a token of our prayers and well wishes for the recipient.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Yarn for Caps

Just thought I'd pass on this bit of information I just learned. Something to think about when choosing your yarn for chemo caps.

There is woman who is a nurse and who has had chemo for breast cancer herself. She is adamant that chemo caps should never be made out of yarns that have elastic in them. She says that the elastic catches on the hair stubble when the hair starts growing back in and she says it's very irritating.

Just something for you to remember, especially if you were thinking of knitting the Dayflower Hat in the yarn it was made with, Elann's Esprit yarn (98.3% Cotton 1.7% Elastic).



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