Cap Karma

This blog is set up for the cap making community of ladies at the San Francisco International Airport. The caps are for chemo patients and are donated to a local hospital. The hand made caps (knitted or crocheted) are a token of our prayers and well wishes for the recipient.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Textured Bands Hat

This pattern is based on the Textured Slip Stitch Cloth, which is also known as the Ballband Cloth because it is a pattern on the inside label of Elmore-Pisgah Peaches & Creme yarn. Besides this hat, this slip stitch pattern has also inspired a Ballband (Swiffer) Mop Cover.

Here's the hat pattern :



At 10/15/2006 10:29 AM, Blogger hakucho said...

Love your ball band hat! Thanks for the pattern link. In fact all of your hats are beautiful and I'm sure they are greatly appreciated by your recipients. I think what you are doing is just fantastic!!


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