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This blog is set up for the cap making community of ladies at the San Francisco International Airport. The caps are for chemo patients and are donated to a local hospital. The hand made caps (knitted or crocheted) are a token of our prayers and well wishes for the recipient.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tri-Corner Hat

Here's another winning chemo cap pattern from the Elann chemo cap design competition. Pattern can be found here.


At 7/29/2007 8:27 PM, Anonymous Connie said...

This is a great site - thanks for the effort. Just wondering - anyone found other Elannn chemo cap competition patterns ? This is the only one I've seen.
Thanks again,

At 7/29/2007 8:43 PM, Blogger smariek said...

We added links to some Elann hat patterns on our Pattern Links Page here:
(Or click on the "Click here for list of pattern links" link in the side bar; it's hard to miss, look for the text that is blinking in red)

When you get to our Pattern Links Page, just look for the links with "" in the URL.

Hope this helps


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